How to Manage the Development of Collateral Before Your Next Event

Design the Collateral You Need

If you're hosting or participating in an upcoming event like a trade show or conference, you probably have a long list of collateral that needs to be developed.

You might also feel overwhelmed at the prospect of completing so much work in a short timeframe.

Thankfully, with proper preparation, you can create all of your collateral on time and without unnecessary headaches.  

We're offering the event collateral project management spreadsheet that we use to successfully organize and manage collateral development with our own clients to you for free.

Our event collateral management spreadsheet will allow you to:

  • Set realistic timelines to ensure each piece of collateral is designed, edited and shared with your printer on deadline
  • Share the necessary specs and guidelines with your team to reduce the amount of time wasted looking for crucial details
  • Set clear responsibilities and expectations for each member of your team

Download this free spreadsheet now to help avoid headaches leading up to your next event.